Transitional Uncertainty Will Put Your Company at Risk

A lack of planning for exits and succession will cost you money.

Exit Strategy Management is not new or unusual. It is the term we use to describe the strategy used when individuals, families and businesses plan and prepare for future change and transition. This used to be called retirement planning but because the majority of our clients leave careers and companies to go on to new adventures, different projects, fun jobs and even new careers or businesses, “retirement” feels out of date and doesn’t seem to fit.

Pam Paquet & Associates Exit Strategy Management works with individuals and companies who are ready to explore, plan and prepare for personal and operational transitional changes. We focus on exit strategy creation that is personalized, respectful and specific to your situation, company or family business. Our expertise is managing change so individuals and families transition through exits successfully and business operations continue seamlessly.

Most people and businesses avoid the exit strategy topic and resist facing increased stress and pressure caused by an uncertain, unpredictable and unplanned future. When individuals and companies take the time and make the commitment to look at exit strategy plans and preparation, then confidence increases because a solid set of steps are in place to transition through personal and operational changes.

Workplaces that tackle the transitional aspects of exiting from both personal and business perspectives see confidence increase substantially and succession planning lead to business growth over 10%.

  • People follow through to create solid and comfortable transitional plans to exit the workforce.
  • Productivity increases because the skill and knowledge transfer is consistent and seamless.
  • Business services continue without interruption or decline because exits are managed well and successfully.

Exit Strategy Management has worked with people and companies since 2005 to create personal exits and succession plans.  These two strategies increase staff performance and support workplace change by creating predictability and consistency with good planning and preparation.  We worked with some of the most enthusiastic individuals and dedicated companies who embrace change and transitions.  We have a solid record of success that proves our approach works.  It can work for you as well.

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