About Us

Pam PaquetOur exit strategy perspective is unique because we focus on people before finances.  We do this because our knowledge and expertise focus on creating change in the human psyche and understanding “what makes people tick”.

Pam’s specialty is not only understanding people and working to help them create change, but also in knowing her limits.  Her background is psychology, her education includes a Masters and Bachelors degree and she is certified as both a national certified counsellor and speaking professional.  Her experience of over 15 years as a practicing therapist has given her vast experience with people, problems, workplaces and transitions.

She also recognizes that she cannot be all things to all people nor be the expert in every situation.  For this reason she consults with others and brings in associates who are experts in fields that compliment the issue to provide holistic services.  This is especially necessary with exit strategies and all the different stages and facets.

In her years of private practice, she has witnessed too many people, families and businesses that have not done well with exit strategies.  Pam’s goal is reaching people and companies before they exit to prepare them with plans and preparations for the transition.  She wants to get people thinking about the major change that comes with exiting and recognize the ripple effect for people and companies can be huge.

Pam has been able to accomplish this through her exit strategy transition work with individuals, groups and companies.  She is proactive and wants to give people the knowledge and tools to begin transitional planning and preparations.  Pam views this work as an investment – early intervention will ward off therapy and operational challenges later.

The uniqueness in Pam’s approach is her focus on people and business rather than on the finances.  Most exit strategy consultants want to talk about money and evaluations in order to answer the question, “Do I have enough to exit?”  Pam’s focus puts money at the end of list and examines the everyday part of exiting and transitions – the days, weeks and months that fly by far quicker than the dollar figures.  Her ideal exit strategy focuses on the emotional, mental and physical side of people and the operational transition for business.

Pam enjoys research and creating new ideas for exits, transitions and new phases. She invests time not only in her clients but also in ongoing education to provide tools and techniques that help people and companies create their perfect exit strategy.  Her intention is to increase the odds that people and business have great success in exiting and transitions while reaching their goals.  Clients receive customized consulting as well as follow up information through articles, resources and newsletters.

What make Pam’s services even more unique is her insight and knowledge of police, fire and military cultures. Her work experience includes serving war veterans, Canadian Forces (CF) personnel and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) while with Veterans Affairs Canada.  She continues to provide clinical services to first responders. And if that is not enough, she is married to an RCMP officer and the Force. Pam has a thorough understanding of the military cultures, mindsets and expectations that are integral in these careers.  She “gets” how different it is for military and para-military personnel to transition and re-enter civilian life.  Her clients appreciate not having to explain the mentality, culture and acronyms that come with their organization.

Pam and her husband make sure to work hard but also “practice” for their exit strategy on a regular basis.  They spend time travelling extensively to check out new golf courses, fabulous restaurants and great wines of the world.  Their bucket list is not about things to accomplish before death but places, courses and wineries to try as they transition out of work and into old age.

The bottom line: we focus on creating great exit strategies to increase the odds of successful transitions. We emphasize the personal and operational aspects and forego the financial aspects.  Pam is known for a genuineness that comes through in caring, teaching and laughing.

People and companies of all kinds have improved their probability of transitional success and strategies for succession planning as a result of the work we do with them. You can too!! Click on this link to see Who We Work With. Call 604-349-8660 or e-mail pam@strategytoexit.com so we can start the conversation to jump-start your planning and preparation for successful exit strategies.