Business Training: Exit Strategy Management

Two Sides of Succession:  People & Business

This strategic program tackles change and transitions for business success from a personal perspective.  This program helps companies incorporate employee and family needs into operational success planning.  Business training starts working with individuals to help them create and clarify their personalized exit strategies. Leaving a career or business requires decision making to figure out the right time and way to do it.  These decisions should be made long before departing and in collaboration with the company to coordinate needs and expectations for people and the business.

This program strengthens businesses to manage exit strategies and change better. This is done by facilitating their employee and/or family members opportunity to figure out personal exit strategy plans. Our intention is to get management and families talking about exit strategies because solid plans and concrete decisions lend themselves to business conversations for collaboration and cooperation. Respect and consideration are heightened so exits, change and transitions are positive experiences for people and and the business.

In this program the benefits are twofold. 

People feel valued because  support and coaching help them create a personal exit plan so they transition well. They won’t get stalled or bogged down because there are so many aspects of change to consider and figure out.  When people can create their own plan then the business can concentrate on operations.

Business can create and implement succession plans because there is clarity with exit strategies, transitions and change.  Knowing personal and business needs and intentions allows for successful exit strategy management from an operational perspective. When management has a plan to manage, they can keep change moving forward and be successful.

The business can maintain integrity when people transition beyond the company.  The business and its people get better prepared for major changes and this enhances communication, trust and confidence.

If you are ready to create exit strategies and match people needs with business succession needs, then this is the perfect match.  Let us assess if the exit strategy program is a fit for your people and operational needs.  Contact us at 604-349-8660 or so we can get your exit strategy management plan in motion.

If your challenge is a family run business and help is needed because of family dynamics, future planning or change in leadership, click here to learn more.

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