Group Workshops

Exit Strategies: Shifting from “Concern” to “Confidence”

Exit strategy success improves when there is a solid plan to transition through change.

The purpose of the group workshops is to get people started on their planning and preparation for the future.  Our speciality is the transitional aspect of change.  It is important to focus on “what do I want everyday life to look like” versus the traditional “how much money do I need”.  Most people put off this transitional work because they won’t like what they find – the financial picture is not great or the picture does not match the vision.  We start people down the planning path and provide them with strategies so preparation is set in motion.  A task like this fits well in a group setting because participants can hear they are not alone, their concerns are normal and others can offer insights and ideas.

In the exit strategy workshops clients can expect to start figuring out the different aspects of their transition.  This includes the non-financial areas such as emotional readiness, mental preparedness, social functionality and physical healthiness.  The true benefit is not only getting started but igniting the motivation to “do the work”.  Once clients start their planning, they stick to it and keep at it until they hit a high level of comfort and confidence.  You can almost “see” the shift from concern to confidence because of the renewed enthusiasm, eagerness and anticipation.

The workshop structure has great flexibility to meet the needs of different groups.  Our sessions have been successful whether they cover a half day or 2 days. The sessions include seminar style teaching that incorporate high levels of interaction and group work.  Workbooks are provided and are key resources to jumpstart thinking and brainstorming.  Follow up is conducted with each participant a month after the workshops.  An additional and unintentional benefit of these groups is that participants create new friendships.  Sometimes groups make plans to meet regularly for coffee to continue the conversations – a great way to create a new social circle!

If your thoughts about the future are more worrisome than confident, these workshops are a great idea and great timing. Let us help you explore your purpose, roles and interests in order to revise identities, responsibilities and finances for your “life after work”. We offer different workshops throughout the year and in various locations so you can plan and prepare for a smooth transition both personally and financially.  Contact us at 604-349-8660 or so we can get your shift to transitional confidence started.

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