How We Work

What kind of results can you expect working with us?

When you work with us you can expect . . .

  • To be engaged and supported as you construct exit strategies that include the mental, emotional, social and physical pieces that are not as easy to measure as money.
  • To see a shift from a vague, blurry vision of what you think an exit and transition should look like to a concrete, actionable plan with clarity.
  • To feel a shift from worry, stress and uncertainty to comfort and confidence in good decisions and successful transitions.
  • To move from waffling and “wouldn’t that be nice” philosophies to solid, time specific, money sustainable plans and phases.
  • Your workplace to shift to predictable and consistent because specific plans, expectations and timelines are created for individuals and business success.
  • Your transition to be successful because you create actionable steps and communication strategies so needs and expectations are clear.
  • To put aside your financial worries because a transitional plan will accommodate your wishes and financial picture.  Lessen the confusion between what I want and what I can afford.

Guiding Beliefs or Values

What is our philosophy? We do not throw everyone in the same category or make assumptions that transitioning has a standard definition or feeling.  The individuality of people and business should lead to a uniqueness and personal approach to exit strategy planning and preparation.

What we accomplish with clients is helping them shift from avoiding the transitional aspects of exiting to a planning, preparing, acting mode.  No more putting off plans and preparation for exiting because time does not stop or slow down; and that means change and succession will arrive sooner than expected.

  • Exit Strategy Management Means Different Things to Different People – it is an assumption and societal expectation that people leave work and view this as wonderful and a time to enjoy life.  Our clients are all different and they might view leaving work as unpredictable, risky and stressful because they have not done the planning.  We move clients from worry to excitement by clarifying the vision, defining the solutions and creating action steps.
  • Exit Strategy Management Benefits Many Businesses – people work hard to build successful businesses so they can enjoy their later years.  We work with clients from all sectors and industries to look at the mental and emotional readiness of exiting, especially the transitional piece.  There is nothing better than getting clear about what is important and necessary for a successful shift from business operations to exiting on your terms.
  • Exit Strategy Management Success is Not Guaranteed – business owners might have an idea of what the business should look like later in life but they have not clarified their exit or their personal transition.  Time has flown by quickly and now it is necessary to look at exit strategy options to leave, hand off, hand over, sell or down-size.  We help clients identify what is critical and necessary for them to be comfortable and confident with exiting, change and a successful transition.
  • Happy Families Lead to Happy Family Businesses – business operations can be a challenge most times.  Add family members who are owners, operators, presidents, board members or employees, and the challenge  exponentially increases.  Our family owned business clients tackle exit strategy management better because they understand the dynamics, resolve historical issues, clarify expectations and create a transitional plan that fits all generations.  Protect business revenue and investments with successful change and transition plans.

Our Approach

Our approach is different because we make exit strategy planning about “people first”. We help people accomplish their goals and move into a ready state. We help businesses realize exit timeliness for smoother and consistent transitions.  Although the topics are serious and the work can be intense, we get through the planning with some humour and lightness.  Exit strategy work helps people and companies become more comfortable and confident. 

  • There is no cookie cutter answer – no two clients are alike and no two exit strategies are identical.  There is no “one size fits all”.  We custom design exit strategy planning with many transitional variables but we let the client take the lead on deciding their order of importance and priority.
  • Money is not everything – if all you look at in exit strategy is the pension and nest egg, evaluation and portfolio, then you have missed the biggest piece of planning.  Yes, money is important but it is not the “be all, end all”.  We design our exit strategy planning to coordinate the transitional with the financial.
  • “I don’t know” does not exist – it is never easy to look at the future especially if it is unpredictable, confusing and a little unnerving.  People tend to put off the transitional piece of exit strategy planning because of too many “I don’t know’s”.  We focus on this uncertainty and turn it into solid, defined answers.
  • An ear, a shoulder and a pen – whether exit strategy and transition planning are happening in a group or individually, we hear what people say, provide support and offer ideas and suggestions for solid footing.  We don’t just act as cheerleaders to get you going, we stay with you throughout the game.
  • Above all we are flexible and quick – our attitude is pure and simple: consideration and respect.  We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated (like my Mom always said).  Be assured we won’t stereotype you or your company nor let inquiries go without a quick response.

Our Uniqueness

What makes our exit strategy planning unique? Some might say our background, unique focus, exceptional results and genuineness.

  • When people look for transitional advice, there is no shortage of money talk.  What makes us different is our psychological and therapeutic background.  We have seen far too many people in therapy because their exit and workplace are not going well – they are not happy and don’t know what to do about it.  Our specialty is the psychology of people and how to make transitions in companies and major life changes.  We decipher the mental, emotional and social pieces so therapy isn’t needed.
  • When people look for help with exit strategy planning, the list is endless. What makes us different than any other transitional specialist? We think the difference is our unique focus.  We don’t just look at money; we focus on the everyday aspects of people and business and how to make successful transitions.  Our hands-on approach allows us to help people find answers when it comes to lifestyle, readiness and busyness.
  • Our services stand out because of the results we see in our clients.  We are transitional consultants who teach, work beside and support people and companies to improve the comfort and confidence of change.  Our results are obvious because clients actually tackle, organize and complete the work needed to plan and prepare for exits and change.  Our clients shift from worry and apprehension to excitement and optimism as they transition through change.
  • Our clients do great work because they feel at ease and supported.  We are not afraid to brag about our years of experience but even more importantly we like to brag about our genuine care, concern and support.  Our clients feel comfortable to share their inner most thoughts, feelings and worries with us so we can work together to find answers.  When rapport is easy and connectedness is present, then discussions are interactive, trust is evident and time flies by during tough work.

Now that you have a better idea about our approach, philosophy and the results you can expect when working with us, go to Our Services to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.