Exit Strategy Management offers a variety of interactive services designed to help people plan for major life changes and companies prepare for succession.  Our services focus on the transitional aspects first and the financial pieces last.  Our goal is to move people and companies from silence and inactivity to planning and enthusiasm. Comfort and confidence in succession and transitional plans guarantee their success. We tailor our services to fit individuals and businesses that are ready to “do the work” and get ready for exits, succession and change.


Exit strategy planning is a very personal task. When people prefer to do this one-on-one then transitional coaching is available. Individual coaching is a personal choice and fits people who want to find solutions to their exit strategies by exploring, assessing and soul-searching.  This dramatically improves their understanding of what is important transitionally and how to balance this with family, friends and business expectations.  Read on for more details.


A business connection among participants is not needed in a exit strategy workshop. What is needed is a desire to start planning and preparing for change.  We offer workshops to groups who are ready to work on their transitional plans.  This is not the financial planning everyone is used to, but instead this is the “how do I get ready for everyday life” after a career.  The benefit for participants is the ability to find answers to variables such as emotional readiness, mental healthiness, social challenges and physical planning. When planning and preparing start earlier, then people experience less stress as exits and change inch closer.  Read on for more details.

Business Training

Every company, whether it is family owned and operated or private equity, should ensure succession planning is common practise and integrated into daily operations. Change is inevitable so investing in exit strategy management helps create a seamless transition and maintains productivity. The goal is to understand personal, family and business needs while balancing those with operational needs.

When facilitating exit strategy planning with businesses we approach transition from two perspectives:

1.  Explore and create the exit plans for individuals within the company.  This might be retirement, a second career, a fun job or another business opportunity.  It is essential to understand personal wants, needs and expectations so exit strategy plans can include timeliness and preparation.

2.  Examine and clarify the operational needs of the business and/or family to accommodate change and create operational consistency.  It is optimum to balance personal and company change for seamless transitions.

The benefits of this program improve communication, encourage transparency and create successful change and transitions.  Whether you are a company of 20, 200 or 2000+, we have a business training program that will improve business relationships and create successful transitions.  Read on for more details.


There is no end to the transition topics that can arise and prove to be challenging on a regular basis.  We offer webinars tailored to address not only the common challenges of individual exit stategies but also the not so common ones.  Our focus is to help each participant examine their own situation and devise strategies to manage the task or address the challenge.  The benefits of webinar sessions are that people can attend alone or with a group and create personalized transitional plans in the comfort of their office or home. Confidence is high because the work is spread out, leaving time to reflect and process in between sessions.  Read on for more details.