Exit Success Program

Two Sides of Succession: People & Business

A succession plan is an essential strategy for every business yet many companies don’t make the time for it or need help to create it.

Without a well-thought out plan for the company, it is nearly impossible for employees to manage the changes as a result of transitions.  Whether it be the departure of the owner, the sale of the business or a key employee’s unexpected health diagnosis or death, it is never easy for people to know what to do or how to do it.

At Pam Paquet & Associates, we focus on the continued success of the business by working with the management team and/or family through change and transition.  We work to create and implement the exit strategy plan for the individual and the succession plan for the management team.

Our goals are to:

  • Get both the personal and business barriers out of the way,
  • Create a succession plan that is balanced, strategic and achievable and,
  • Create an exit strategy where transitional change is comfortable and successful.

Our Exit Success Program (ESP) focuses on tackling change and transitions for business success from 3 critical factors:

Strategic ProgramWe get people, management teams and companies talking about individual exit strategies and succession plans by zeroing in on where these three factors have overlapping interests. Solid plans and concrete decisions lend themselves to smooth transitions, business conversations, and greater collaboration. We make seamless change possible and create successful transitions for all involved.

The benefits are twofold. 

A personal exit plan helps individuals feel valued so they can transition smoothly out of their role. Because they have the support and coaching they need, they won’t get stalled or bogged down by the myriad of details they have to figure out.  When people follow an exit plan, the business succession can move forward.

Clear succession plans manage the transitions and changes as a result of those transitions. Businesses are able to operate as normal without all the bumps in the road usually associated with transitions. Knowing personal and business needs and intentions allows for successful exit strategy management from an operational perspective. When management has a plan for succession, they can keep the day to day business operations moving forward and achieve great change.

If you are ready to create exit strategies and match people needs with business succession needs, then this is the perfect match.  Let us assess if the exit success program is a fit for your company.  Contact us at 604-349-8660 or pam@strategytoexit.com so we can get your exit strategy plan in motion.

If you are further challenged because it is a family run business and help is needed with family dynamics, future planning or change in leadership, click here to learn more.

Exit Success Program Outline

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