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5 Communication Barriers that Stall the Sale of Businesses

Communication Barriers that Stall the Sale of a Business

Why Men Attempt to Avoid Emotional Conversations Stereotypes exist because somewhere along the line many people within a group behaved in a similar way. Consider male business owners as one of those groups. The stereotype of men showing a lack of emotions may not be accurate for all male business owners, but when it is, Read the full article…

Meeting the Challenges of Change in Family Business

Meeting the Challenges of Change in Family Business

A Forecast for a Wave of Disruption The research is done and the data’s been collected.  Industry Canada projects that by the end of 2020, close to 350,000 small and medium-sized business owners will be over the age of 55.  It’s expected that one third of family business owners will transfer control of their companies Read the full article…

10 Signs an Owner is Past His Prime

10 Signs to Get Owners to Leave

How to See it’s time for Change at the Top Change is difficult for most people. Most of all, perhaps for those who are used to being in control. Change can cause anxiety and stress and when faced with a significant amount of change, many – even those who appear to thrive on it – Read the full article…

A Personal Exit Strategy is Needed When Worry Dominates

Personal Exit Strategy Needed

Shift from Readiness to Preparedness Business owners tend to be risk-takers and smart individuals but one place they need greater insight and ability is knowing when it’s time to exit their business. These people are characteristically Type A personalities who can be workaholics. As such, their businesses are their babies and they are laser-focused on Read the full article…

How to Encourage a Business Owner to Exit

How to Encourage a Business Owner to Exit

Find the Right Words to Not Offend Owners In family businesses it can be obvious to everyone but the owner when it is time for their exit. When that departure is past due, the indicators usually include the owner’s clear differences with staff’s recommendations for business innovation, process change and new technology implementation. Their own Read the full article…

Leaving a Police Career Can be as Dangerous as Police Work

The Gap to Provide Exit Strategy Training for Police

There is no backup when officers become civilians A career police officer effectively puts civilian life on hold for 25 years or more when they enter the force. When that service is complete, transitioning back to being a civilian can be exceptionally difficult. Police training is focused on getting people into the career but many Read the full article…

Why Owners Stall the Sale of their Business

Why Owners Stall the Sale of Their Business

How to Get Beyond the Numbers There is something merger and acquisition (M & A) experts, lawyers and accountants have in common; they have all experienced the frustration of having the sale of a business stall. These professionals will say on a scale of 1 to 10, the scenario of a stalled sale is a Read the full article…

Why Won’t Bob Leave?

Why won't Bob Leave

A Common Challenge Selling a Family Business A Common Story: Bob founded a successful manufacturing company and for the last 25 years has kept active and busy running the business.  For more than 4 years now, he has been talking about leaving – says he is ready for the next phase of life.  Unfortunately, he Read the full article…

Second Stage of Life

Transition Topics

Have you looked beyond the finances to focus on the transitional work? The meaning of the word retirement has changed and evolved. Originally, it described the period after people stopped working a traditional job or career and began old age. More recently however, it has taken on new meanings like finding a fun, part-time job; Read the full article…

Exit Strategy Management Should Focus on Value More Than Price

Exit Strategy Management Should Focus on Value More Than Price

Selling is all about Price, but Exits are about Price and Value Get past the personal investment in order to transition out of the business. Finding the right time to exit a business is a challenge for every business owner. Not only does time seem to speed up as the inevitable exit approaches, but the Read the full article…