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Exiting a Business

Want versus need

Make it a “Want” Rather than a “Need” Prepared business owners and administrators know the importance of having succession and exit strategy plans. Although both are based on the future, the first is focused on the future success of the business while the latter is focused on the future success of the business owner. The Read the full article…

Get Personal with EBIDTA


Shift Exit Strategies from “Money” to “Me” Just like people, businesses have a definite life span. A business is born out of someone’s passion or through their identification of an opportunity. A business then dies if it fails, is sold off, or when it is passed to someone else and is reborn as the new Read the full article…

Retirement Is About Firsts & Lasts

Welcome to the first blog post on Retirement Transitions.com I am not going to start out of the gate with the traditional “this is me, aren’t I great, here is what I offer, now hire me (please)”.  You can explore the website on your own to learn more.  I prefer to start this blog talking Read the full article…