The Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute was fortunate to have Pam Paquet present at a continuing education session on the topic of retirement.  Pam is knowledgeable and experienced in corporate consulting, and through her presentation was able to deliver particularly useful insights on retirement strategies.  Her approach provided the audience with both theoretical background and practical tools.  Additionally, she was an adept and gifted speaker who sought audience interaction and adapted her format in response to the group’s needs. The result was an extremely engaging and constructive presentation.

Sinden Malinowski, Chair
Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute

Retirement from a long and active career is huge step; far bigger than most people realize. Planning for retirement is vital to avoid the costly and stressful changes which can affect not only the retiree, but also his/her family.

Pam is able to provide useful and beneficial information which helps people make some important decisions to avoid such stress. Most people tend to focus on the monetary aspects of retirement wondering if they will have enough to survive. While that is a vital consideration, it is not the only one.

David Hobson, Training Coordinator
Abbotsford Police Department

Suddenly being away from the office camaraderie and the usual social networks; not having the same routines and work structure; and, maybe, no longer being in a position of authority. These are factors which can be, but should not be overlooked. Pam has an engaging, encouraging manner which she uses to great effect to guide people through these difficult considerations.

Many of our staff who have attended Pam’s seminars have indicated that they wished they had started the planning process much sooner but have been encouraged by what they have learned from the seminar. It is never too early to plan for your retirement and Pam is the person to whom we look for guidance. The seminars do not feel like “of-the-shelf” packages, rather they have the custom-design element to them. I have no hesitation in recommending Pam Paquet & Associates for providing retirement transition/planning seminars.

David Hobson, Training Coordinator
Abbotsford Police Department

The decision to retire was a two year process with many highs and lows. There was uncertainty on several fronts, what was I going to do, how would I fill my time and what did retirement look like for me? While I worked my way through the minefield of my own creation (not having sought guidance and failing to attend a retirement seminar), I completely ignored the second component that it could and did effect, namely my wife.

Had I attended one of Pam’s seminars well in advance of retirement it would have negated the stress not only on me personally, but also on my wife. I highly endorse and recommend all those even remotely contemplating retirement, to attend one of Pam’s sessions.

S. Kirk, Abbotsford Police Department

This workshop answered questions I did not know I had. This will change the way I am planning my retirement.

BCE Paquet, RCMP

We are not the testimonial type but we were very impressed.

M & W Nelson, UFVRD RCMP

Everyone should attend this seminar at least twice prior to retiring – once at the 5 year mark and again 1 – 2 years away from retirement.

Participant, Abbotsford Police Department

This workshop exceeded my expectations. It was not presented in a “rushed” manner and it gave me lots to think about. Many points made that assured me that I am on the right track.

F. Lum, Abbotsford Police Department

The seminar made me more aware of aspects of retirement beyond finances such as lifestyle within time frames and what our age will be at those time frames. I will be younger than I thought!

L. Buchanan, Abbotsford Police Department

All speakers were superb. Very well versed in their respective material and care about what they are presenting. And by the way: I like the “touchy feely” stuff. We’re still human beings, grumpy and cynical, but humans.

Participant, Abbotsford Police Department

This training clarified the importance of both financial and emotional aspects of retirement. I will put more emphasis on the “grey” areas of retirement and not make the dollars and cents the prime impediment of when to retire.

Participant, City of Vancouver

This session got me to start moving my thoughts to identify what it is I want to do in my retirement so that I will be the driver of my destiny.

Participant, City of Vancouver