Transitional Coaching

Exit Strategy Coaching: Shift from “When” to “How”

Exit Strategies are more about how to transition into change than about when.

The intent of coaching is to shift people from worry and stress about future change to excitement and optimism.  This is achieved by investing the time, energy and thinking into planning and preparing for the transitional piece.  The finances are easy – they are black and white and may not be all that “changeable”.  The “how do I want everyday living to be” piece is filled with more variables and grey areas that require contemplation and decision making.  The purpose of coaching is to move people from “I don’t know” to decisiveness which fosters comfort and confidence in their exit plan.

In this program participants will learn to shift the transitional piece to the forefront while moving the financial picture to the back.  Clients will understand how to map out plans and make decisions about the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects of their exit strategy.  Clients will be able to look objectively at “life after work” in order to redesign their purpose, roles, schedules and degree of busyness.

Transitional coaching is about regular and consistent conversations to create the plan and prepare for the “how to” of change.  Our coaching includes regular (weekly or bi-weekly) meetings each quarter.  In these sessions, clients are challenged with questions about the mental, emotional, physical and social ideals they want as they transition through change.  They will be supported as they explore options and create solutions for how they want the future to look.

We work with clients to help them define what they want their change, transition and everyday lives to look like in the futureBecause anything is possible and everything is an option, there is a lot of work to be done in narrowing down all the options to create a plan with defined steps to prepare.  Together coaches and clients create a great team that reduce the stress of change, achieves comfort and confidence as well as improves predictability.

Some see change and transitions as exciting while others view it as scary, stressful and full of uncertainty. If you spend more time worrying rather than feeling excited, then a transitional coaching session is overdue. Contact us at 204-415-5858 or so we can get you started with planning and preparing.

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