Exit Strategy Webinars

Learning in bite sized topics relevant to you at your own pace.  

“Life after work” should be a time of opportunity, contentment and living life to its fullest. Yet sometimes the goals and dreams don’t always match reality. In fact, the reality of “what comes after your career” is neither predictable nor problem free. The process and success are not as simple and easy as the words ‘exit’ or ‘retirement’ implies.

Exit strategy webinars assist with planning and preparing a successful transition plan.  Webinar learning is perfect because it is not overwhelming and can be personalized.  They focus on the transitional part of change which is more important than the financial part.  Topics are based on areas where challenges and barriers commonly stall the planning process.  It is a place for people to ask key questions and devise good answers to improve comfort and confidence.

The lack of a plan and unanswered questions often hinder movement, change and succession. There is huge pressure to make the right and best decisions. When participants ask questions important to them and do the work to find the answers, they don’t have to rely on others for confirmation or approval. Change and transition can unfold intentionally – create a plan that is envisioned and well thought out rather than relying on serendipity.  Webinars help shift from “I hope this turns out” to “I know what will happen and how it will happen … and I like it”.

The webinar structure is planned for personalized learning.  Webinars are conducted throughout the year and run for 30 minutes.  Participants register for the topics that are important and skip the ones they already figured out.

If your exit strategy is non-existent or getting in the way of change, webinars are designed to help.  Webinars can start your transitional planning and preparation at a pace that is easy, suited to you and explores important topics.  We offer different webinars throughout the year and technology allows you to do this work in the comfort of your home or office.  Webinar topics vary and can include:  goal setting, routines, transitions, resolutions, boundaries, mental barriers, fears & worries and your party (just to name a few).

Goal Setting Routines Transitioning Resolutions
Boundaries Wants vs. Needs Mental barriers Key Questions
Worries & Fears Tough Conversations Your Party Adjusting

We advertise our webinars via email and social media.  Make sure you are on our mailing list and you will get a notification so your seat can be saved.

You are welcome to contact us at 604-349-8660 or pam@strategytoexit.com for details to get your exit strategy plan started and increase your confidence.  Feel free to contact us to inquire about our upcoming webinars.