Who We Work With

We work with a wide-variety of people and companies who are ready to talk about the future, plan exit strategies and prepare for the transition. Our clients are ready to seek answers to specific questions about transitions, next careers and succession.

Our clients have worked hard in their careers and business.  They are ready to think about the next phase – whether to slow down, change careers, sell the business, start a fun job or transition into getting paid to not work.  They are about to start down a path that is foreign to them. They want to make good decisions and be successful with change in both life and work.

What they have in common is a readiness to do the work and begin making change.  They want outside expertise to help them work through the different aspects of making change and shaping their future . . . regardless of whether it is called exit strategy, transition, freedom, legacy or succession.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • I have been thinking about succession for many years but it seems so far off that I did not put the time or energy into making plans or preparing.  Somehow time has flown by, a transition is necessary but I am not ready.
  • Exiting my career/business was something that seemed obscure, foreign and eons away.  Now that it is near, I am feeling pressure from financial planners, investors, family and friends to figure things out and make an exit plan.
  • Our company wants to plan and prepare for the future. We want to do succession planning while feeling good about helping staff.  Exit strategy planning is like other professional development topics – outside expertise is needed to teach, guide and direct.
  • I have been in business for several years and enjoy the independence, control and ability to be my own boss.  I always thought I would just downsize over the years but I am not sure how to do it.  I need an exit strategy.
  • I have a clear picture in my head of what the future should look like.  Unfortunately I am not comfortable to leave because there isn’t the right combination of personnel, knowledge and confidence.

Just because everyone is destined to eventually slow down from their work careers and business, does not mean we work with everyone. We have expectations and requirements of our clients.  We only work with people and companies who are ready, willing and able to do the work towards creating and implementing an exit strategy.  They must be ready to take on the challenges of thinking, coordinating and planning for the transition and important next steps, not just focus on the money.

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if:

  • The time is right to begin planning and preparing – most people under-estimate how quickly time flies and how soon aging lands on “their doorstep”.  Our clients need to be in a “ready” state to look at the transitional pieces and work to find the answers to difficult questions.
  • The transitional aspect is just as important as the financial aspect – most people focus on their finances and investments to find the answer to a successful exit.  Although money is an important piece, our clients need to put the dollars and cents away so they can focus on the emotional, mental, social and physical aspects of transitioning through a major change of life.
  • This is another way to show value – when companies support people and show value to their employees then exit strategy planning can be discussed openly and figured out.  This creates solutions for successful exits as well as successful business planning.
  • Support and experts are available to help figure it out – most people put off planning and preparing for exits because it can be scary, unpredictable and risky. Our clients find the courage and confidence to face these worries, fears and stress – they figure out answers to some difficult transition questions.
  • Pandora’s Box is bursting at the seams – most people are reluctant to talk about the future because they don’t have all the answers. Some people won’t say anything for fear of being “helped out the door”.  Our clients put exit strategy talk on the table so plans can be made, transition times can be scheduled and expectations on both sides can be met.

Whether you are an individual getting ready to exit, an executive ready to wind down or a business owner/family member ready to transition the company, the key to success is a readiness, open-mindedness and time commitment to do the work.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the exit strategy issues we help resolve and what our clients need to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.